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Manchego Cheese has enjoyed worldwide fame dating back to the times of Don Quixote. Nowadays Gómez Moreno Cheeses is the heir to this tradition. The legacy of Gómez Moreno Cheeses holds more than a century´s experience in making authentic artisanal manchego cheese. Since  the end of the 19th Century a family of shepherds have been passing down their knowledge and skills from generation to generation without ever losing its identity. The place from which it originates in the heart of La Mancha upholds the authentic taste of their cheeses. Thanks to the perfect blend of both putity and quality of the raw material as well as the daily care and attention through the centuries, the gourmet can now enjoy the full and intense flavour of our products. To this end our master cheesemakers have been striving to make each individual cheese a gastronomic delight guaranteed by experience and tradition. Gómez Moreno Cheeses is synonymous with taste, putity and Manchego tradition and continues to realise the dreams of even the most demanding palates. The key to the success of Gómez Moreno Cheeses continues to be the rigorous selection of its raw material: pure manchego sheep´s milk. Our own herd of sheep, born in the typically extreme climate of the La Mancha plain and protected from any contamination, graze on natural pastures guaranteeing the unmistakeably pure, exquisite and natural flavour of our cheeses.
Quesos Gómez Moreno - Queso Artesano Manchego

The key to our success remains selective rigor of the raw material: pure milk of Manchego sheep of our own livestock; born, raised and supported by the typical climate of La Mancha and fed on natural pastures