Story Teller Cheese

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Story Teller Cheese.

Back in the 19th century there was a villager from a place in La Mancha who, for two reasons, gradually made a name for himself in his little village: firstly, he was a gifted storyteller with an endless talent for fantastically irresistible tales and, secondly, he made the best of cheeses with a wondrously addictive flavour. His name was Bernardo. He was very sociable, knew all the children and elders and always shared with all of them a few of his words and tales, real and imaginary. Bernardo fed hopes and imagination as well as stomachs and palates.



One day, someone from the village compared him to Bernardo del Carpio, a legendary figure from the Spanish Middle Ages who boasted many achievements and in subsequent centuries served as an inspiration in plays, theatre, novels and epic poems. Through word of mouth Bernardo soon became known as Bernardo Carpuela and through force of use and popularity his friends, workmates and clients all ended up calling him Bernardo Carpuela. And soon, those wonderful cheeses that Bernardo made with such care and craftsmanship became known by the same name: Carpuela Cheeses



To this day the eldest members of the village remember eating a piece of cheese when they were but children in the shade of the old clay house, savouring every crumb in the reassuring presence of the words and stories of Carpuela, Grandfather Carpuela. To this day when children try Carpuela cheese there are those who recall that famous tradition of cheesemaking wisdom which has been passed down word for word from generation to generation until the present day