Curado DO manchego pasteurized Certeza

The pasteurized curado manchego cheese Certeza, is a six-month cheese with a “manchego” designation of origin.

This curado cheese is made with pasteurized milk from manchega sheep.

The pasteurized curado manchego cheese Certeza is made preserving the family tradition of more than a century ago, in an handmade way.

Formats of this pasteurized manchego cheese

Presented in formats between 2.7 and 3Kg, this cheese made by hand with pasteurized sheep milk, is characterized by having an ivory white colour, with well distributed eyes, intense aroma and flavour, excellent bouquet in the aftertaste, that leaves a wide memory on the palate.

The curado manchego cheese Certeza is a cheese that was originally made for export, but is currently also available in our physical store located in the industrial estate of Herencia (Ciudad Real)

Tasting notes

These types of pasteurized manchego cheeses are suitable and ideal for consumption by all types of audiences, including pregnant women.

You can enjoy curado manchego cheeses, which in the case of those made directly with raw milk, are not recommended for them.

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Awards won for this manchego cheese

Curado Certeza is our pasteurized manchego cheese, which was formerly called Don Gregorio cured, but it has only changed its commercial name, since its method of production and quality remain intact.

Manchego cheese recipes and combinations curado Certeza

To taste the manchego cheese Certeza we propose combinationing it with a dry white wine like those that abound in Castilla La Mancha, accompanied by sweet fruits such as pear or melon or, if you like the most traditional combinations, with a good Iberian ham and or sausages with a handful of bread peaks.

Another form of union, this time without alcohol, would be to take our pasteurized curado manchego cheese with tonic or soda. The bubbles will remove fat from the tongue and refresh the mouth, making this an incredible combination.