Curado sheep cheese in pork lard Carea

The handmade cheese curado in pork lard Carea is a raw milk cheese that has been matured for a minimum of 9 months and a maximum of 12 months in lard to achieve unique nuances.

This maturation process, already used centuries ago by our handmade ancestors, provides us with an easy bite cheese, but once in the mouth, it gives us a resounding flavor, fruit of its long maturation. With an intense aftertaste that will certainly make you repeat again and again.


Carea is a thin-crusted cheese coated with lard that can be found in two formats: whole cheeses of 3kg and wedges.

Its ivory interior is soft texture and spicy flavour. A cheese that will be appreciated by all people who love this food.


Inside, the Carea curado in lard is ivory white, with a soft and buttery texture and spicy flavor. Smooth crust and covered with butter.

Perfect to include it in your cheese tables, it will give them a distinctive touch providing an intense flavour and spicy touches that you can combine with sweet flavours like those of some fruits.

Queso de Oveja Artesano Curado en Manteca. Cuña

AWARDS obtained for this handmade cheese

Our handmade cheese Carea curado in lard before we marketed it under the Gómez Moreno Family, and over the years the greatest recognition obtained is the one that our customers give daily with their valuations.

Gold medal for the best cured cheese in butter at the World Cheese Awards 2010

RECIPES AND combinations with cheese curado in butter

An excellent pairing for our Carea cheese curado in butter, is an intense beer like for example a Alhambra Roja, this combination together a little foie and bread will form the perfect appetizer.

If this combination does not convince you, you can always taste this artisan cheese and sheep with a good red wine, never fails.