Soft sheep cheese Carea

Carea shoft sheep’s cheese is a cheese made with pasteurized sheep’s milk from our own livestock, with a maximum maturation of 15 days. Which makes it suitable for pregnant women.

This cheese is handcrafted by valuing our centenary know-how that guarantees the quality and flavour of each of our cheeses, thus preserving the family tradition of four generations.

Heritage is for our Carea cheeses, the origin, the land that has seen them grow. When we talk about Carea, we talk about tradition, our family, our customs.

Its natural white color is characteristic of our soft cheese both for its external appearance and inside where, in addition, small eyes are opened. Perfectly grounded and firm body, it is the softest specialty which makes it ideal for every moment of the day and for all people.

Shoft sheep cheese Carea formats

It is presented in vacuum for proper preservation.

It can be obtained in whole pieces of two formats: shoft mini 1kg and large cheese 3kg approximately; or in wedges of about 400 grams.

Tasting notes: Carea soft sheep cheese

Soft taste and firm body, which allows you to make it taquitos for salads or mold it for original accompaniments at lunches and dinners.

Perfect to combine with very sweet fruits such as pear or melon. A low-fat cheese, excellent for all types of diets that will provide us with a lot of protein.

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Recipes  manchego cheese of soft sheep Carea

Without a doubt, the perfect pairing for our soft sheep cheese Carea is a natural dry white wine or a rosé. It also goes perfect with a young red.

As for beer, we can accompany the Carea soft sheep’s cheese with light beers pilsener type, soft and with a certain sweet touch, along with some nuts such as almonds or hazelnuts will make the perfect combination.

Carea soft sheep’s cheese can be included in countless recipes, from salads or toast to desserts.