Old 12 months DO manchego Carpuela

The añejo 12 months DO Manchego, is a cheese of at least twelve months of maturation and with “manchego cheese” Designation of Origin.

This cheese has a very intense, spicy flavour, with a persistence and a very nice and intense aftertaste.

It is made preserving the family tradition of more than a century ago, in an artisan way and exclusively with raw milk from La Mancha sheep. Definitely a superior cheese by denomination.

Formats añejo 12 months DO manchego

Presented in three formats, 1 Kg, 2Kg and wedges. This delicacy shows its natural bark, free of mold, which highlights its natural appearance.

The interior of the cheese Carpuela is ivory white, with small eyes distributed throughout the surface that gives the palate to taste it a strong and spicy flavour that leaves an extraordinary memory on the palate.

Queso Manchego Curado


It is a cheese aged slowly and tuned according to our know-how cheese maker with more than a century of experience. An aged cheese with at least 12 months of maturation that has a very intense, spicy flavour, with a persistence and a very pleasant aftertaste.

A real gem for cheese lovers. A manchego cheese with character, which shows all the flavour of its long healing in each bite.



In Gómez Moreno Family we bet on a mixture of tradition and modernity to try to obtain day by day the greatest recognition, that of our customers.

In addition, our cheeses obtain recognition year after year in the most prestigious competitions, such as those obtained by Carpuela añejo:


Union of a manchego reserva cheese and wine, this manchego cheese pairs very well with medium-intensity aged reds, a balanced wine that will match the flavors of our añejo 12 months Carpuela cheese.

Also with whites fermented in barrels, these wines will get to whet our appetite while its nuances will make the aromas of Carpuela cheese have more presence in the mouth.

Combination with beer, in this case, we recommend to accompany our Manchego Reserva Carpuela cheese with a beer with complex aromas and flavors such as Belgian ale.