Quesos Gómez Moreno has won a Silver Medal

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Quesos Gómez Moreno has won a Silver Medal at for its artisanal cured Manchego cheese at the World Cheese Award 2015. This award is the 10th medal received by Quesos Gómez Moreno in this prestigious international cheese event.

This is the second diploma received in this year that recognizes the cheeses from the Gomez Moreno family as one of the best Machego cheeses in 2015. As in spring our semi-cured Manchego cheese was awarded as the best Semicured artisanal manchego at Expovicaman 2015.

As you know, the key of our success is the quality of our raw ewe’s milk coming from our own flock of manchega sheep. Born in the typically extreme climate of the La Mancha plain and protected from any contamination, our flock grazes outdoor on natural pastures guaranteeing the unmistakeably pure, exquisite and natural flavour of our cheeses.

The legacy of Gomez Moreno Cheeses holds more than a century of experience in making authentic artisanal Manchego cheese.